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Bookmark is a web site builder that has an artificial intelligence design assistant, called AiDA. You answer a few questions about your business goals, business type, and desired web site features to start, and it will lay the foundation of a smart web site built specifically to suit your needs.

AiDA continuously improves web site performance by increasing the visitors' overall satisfaction. It gets smarter every day, making suggestions that are unique to everyone's web sites to improve them, and convert more customers.
After the sites are published, some people think that's the end of it, but that's not always the case. Not everyone understands the importance of metrics or how to improve them to attract high-valued customers.
The problems we needed to solve were how each web site's score should be presented, and how to preview and accept suggestions from AiDA.
Users: See how their web sites are performing, and if they need to make any updates
Business: Attract new customers without any technical knowledge to use our product
We looked at other products that use AI to build web sites, such as Wix ADI, and Jimdo. In particular, we looked at how certain dashboards functioned, and whether they were able to convince users to spend time on improvements.
On the dashboard, we decided to design a speedometer style site score to show how the site is performing, with proper labels for what the score actually means. The AiDA Suggestions are also there, with the ability to preview what the change will entail, and to dismiss or approve it.

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