Baycrest - Annual Report

Baycrest's centennial annual report 1918 - 2018. The digital marketing team I was apart of was working with writers, videographers and designers to help bring Baycrest's vision for their annual report. Scroll down to see the process behind the site.

100 years of Baycrest
Baycrest's in-house digital marketing team goal was to build a design for Baycrest's annual report for 2017 - 2018 but instead of covering the year. The mission was cover their centennial year, we needed to easily display content that would take the users on journey through Baycrest.
Site Map
Here is the site mapping created by the project manager. The site map helped us visualize the layout of the website and what pages were required to be designed.
The sketching process.
These some of my early ideas of how I envisioned the website during the meetings about the project.
From paper to digital.
They were four versions of the wire-frames and here is one of them It is read from left right. When first working on the storyboard I was having a struggle visioning the final design the more we started working on it the more I started to see it.
Wire frame done by design lead
Style Guide and Toolkit
Homepage final design
Side pages final design
Thank you to the Baycrest digital marketing team for giving me an opportunity to apart of the team and this experience. 
Please everyone check out the website.

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