B2B Blockparty - Baycrest

A celebration of for the Barrie to Baycrest fundraising events for families and riders. Our goal was to create a site that attracted a younger audience to Baycrest. While supporting brain health! Scroll down to see the process.

What is the B2B Blockparty?
The B2B block party is party for families and friends who want to support the Barrie to Baycrest fundraiser. This event is meant to attract people who aren't apart of the actual ride event but still want to support Baycrest in a fun way. This event is for those people.
The wireframe.
Old logo versions 
The final design
Marketing Materials 
I just wanted to say thank you to Baycrest in-house digital marketing team to allowing me to be apart of the process. It's been a learning experience and I have a lot of being apart of this project with all the people involved. Thank you Baycrest .
Thank you for reading

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